Safety FAILS: How NOT to behave on site!

Knocking Down a Wall:

With more tension than a horror movie, a man takes a sledgehammer to the bottom of a brick wall with complete disregard for personal protection equipment (PPE) and his safety.

Looking back at the camera, our guy offers a wry grin before continuing to pound away. You will look on in horror, cringing at every blow and wondering which one will cause the inevitable… and then we found this guy’s mate.




Chainsaw Kickback:

If there is any video that shows the importance of wearing appropriate PPE, it is this.

As this guy is using his chainsaw, it provides the dreaded “kickback” towards his face. While he was positioned badly at least he was wearing a full face shield and came off pretty well.

This video drives home that when you are working with chainsaws, grinders, circular saws or other power tools, things can go very wrong very quickly and having the appropriate PPE can save life or a limb.



Productivity Fail:

While nobody’s health appears to be in serious danger in this video, productivity is definitely called into question.

As two men stand around a pile of sand, one loads up a wheel barrow before the other proceeds to unload the sand about 1m away.

Those filming the incident cannot believe it. We’re pretty sure the site foreman would be equally unimpressed.


HAHA!! Just… why?

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Sunday, November 16, 2014


Excavator Ride:

In late 2014 these clowns thought it would be a good idea to turn their site excavator into an Easter Show ride, violating pretty much every OHS regulation there it.

A man is strapped to a harness and calls out “Hi Mum” as he begins to spin. After completing eight rotations, the driver brings the excavator to an abrupt stop almost causing the man to smash into it.

Workcover is investigating.


This video has caused quite a stir and prompted a WorkSafe investigation. What do you think? Is this guy an idiot or is it harmless fun?

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hammer Throw Hedge

Some people are too stupid for words. The fact that he says it’s really dangerous and really stupid and proceeds to do it anyway just amazes us.

His antics will catch up with him and natural selection will inevitably take its course, however having a loose cannon like this on your site puts everyone in danger.


Chainsaw Safety Fail

The ultimate idiot! Natural selection will soon take its course. #Safetyfail #DarwinAwards #FAIL

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


How not to handle an out of control concrete buffer

As a concrete buffer spins out of control on a large construction site, tradies gather trying various methods to stop it. Failed attempts include throwing water on it and jamming it with a piece of timber before someone throws a tarpaulin on it.

It’s wise to implement OHS procedures for diffusing potentially catastrophic situations such as these.


Working at heights fail

The certain death that awaits this man as he swings freely off the side of a building doesn’t seem to deter him. Maybe he thinks the rope tied to his belly that is presumably meant to be a fall arrest harness will save him.

In reality it’s more likely to chop him in two.


Safety Fail

This guy clearly didn’t complete Height Safety 101. See more Safety Fails at http://blog.prochoice.com.au/workplace-safety/ohs-safety-fails/ #SafetyFail #Fail #OHS

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gravity always wins

Gravity pretty much defines our universe and scientists think it even relates to time. However this guy clearly hasn’t heard of it and he jackhammers away at the platform he is standing on, with predictable consequences.


Gravity always wins

Gravity always wins. #FAIL See more safety fails here: http://ow.ly/TMv9I

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Friday, October 23, 2015

Wide Load

This guy takes the term “wide load” to an all new level.

While he is on the seriously stupid end of the spectrum, leaving ladders, pipes, poles or other unsecured gear in the back of your truck can be just as dangerous and attract hundreds of dollars in fines.


HAHA Oh Dear… Gives new meaning to the term Wide Load. #FAIL #SafetyFail See more safety fails here: http://blog.prochoice.com.au/workplace-safety/ohs-safety-fails/

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Thursday, November 12, 2015


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